– Tammy L., GPS Parent

We have been so fortunate to have Golden Pond School in our community and accessible for our child this past year.  The 2020-2021 school year presented so many challenges for our public and private school system here in the county, but I felt comfortable and confident in GPS’s ability to navigate these challenges and create opportunities for their students and families.  I was impressed with their strict adherence to safety protocols which helped mitigate potential issues.  This was our first year with the school (and our second experience with pre-school in the area).  I can confidently say that the GPS curriculum and teaching methods are far superior to other programs as they embrace the whole child for learning and development.  I look forward to spending more time with the school and having an even deeper relationship as we move in to the next school year with greater access to the facilities and staff in light of “getting back to normal” post the pandemic year.  I especially recommend this school to any families that are looking for a more “school focused” program and curriculum as opposed to a daycare program.  This is truly a SCHOOL for Learning!