Ryan J., GPS Parent

This is our 5th year with the school, and I can’t say enough great things about Golden Pond. The staff are knowledgeable, compassionate and embrace their professions and it shows with how well they execute their mission. They consistently provide a positive learning environment filled with love and nurturing. I am always amazed at how natural they are at maximizing each child’s potential through consistent positive reinforcement. We have seen each of our children grow and thrive almost immediately upon entering into each program. The school is very successful at ensuring each child is engaged and challenged at the appropriate level. My kids beam with pride as they practice concepts of observation and problem solving and imagination and creativity that they have absorbed at school. The teachers have mastered taking difficult concepts and immerse the children in a fun, interactive way of learning-the kids themselves don’t even realize that they are doing such difficult things such as reading, writing, addition and subtraction. We feel confident that the Golden Pond way is setting our children up for success through solid foundation building!