Rayne T., GPS Parent

Golden pond school is the BEST preschool in Loudoun county. Our son entered the 2/3 year old bunnies class and settled from day 1. The  bunnies teacher, Ms Manthe, is the MOST wonderful teacher and her kindness and care shines through. She makes every day happy and learning fun! Every school week is theme based and structured to teach skills in an engaging and interactive way. Every day the children learn through play and have so much fun all while learning incredible math, science, language, problem solving, music and creative skills. The classrooms are well equipped, bright and colorful with a wonderful charming energy. The outside play area is beautiful with lots for the kids to play with and experience. The teacher parent communication is beyond excellent and professional and the principle of GPS, Jennifer Brummett, is an absolute delight! You will be welcomed with open arms and a genuine care and warmth.