Nadine N., GPS Parent

After touring a few schools in Ashburn, we knew this was the perfect home away from home for our child the moment we were first welcomed at GPS. It is such a warm, fun, energetic, nurturing and inclusive environment. There is something great and magical about this school and it’s called ‘The Golden Pond way’. It works and we feel it and see it consistently across all teachers and staff members every single day.

It is our first year with GPS and we are so grateful we found this amazing school. Our son is now in the Junior Kindergarten program and thriving while having a great time! Thanks to his amazing teachers who are knowledgeable, professional loving educators on all levels! The program focuses on teaching through creative learning methods while kids are being kids…playing and enjoying their time. We love the weekly newsletter filled with pictures and information that keeps us up to date with all the activities taking place in the classroom!

Knowing that our son is enjoying school while developing a love for learning new things every day and seeing his progress is giving us such an amazing peace of mind that he is building a good foundation for the years to come. No more anxiety for us or morning battles/resistance to go to school. Our son recently even had to stay home for sickness and actually spent the morning crying because he did not want to miss school!

We have now even decided to keep him in GPS for an extra year to take advantage of their reputable Kindergarten program and soon enrolling our little 3yr old daughter!

‘The 5 years are forever’..that’s the school mantra and it so delivers on it! We highly recommend Golden Pond to all families who believe in positive discipline, positive reinforcement and learning in a fun nurturing environment through play while developing their YES brain. We just wish we had found this school earlier.