Melissa L., GPS Parent

When it came time to choose a preschool for my eldest son, Golden Pond gave us the best feeling for a preschool program (call it a mother’s intuition). We were not looking for a daycare scenario, but an early childhood education that our child would embrace. Our eldest attended Golden Pond from the age of 3 until Kindergarten Enrichment (before Loudoun County had full day kindergarten). Our youngest will be starting her third year at Golden Pond entering their kindergarten program. The teachers and the staff take time to get to know each child by name, always greeting them with such enthusiasm. There has never been a concern that the teachers or administration hasn’t solved for our family. They always want what is best for each child. Both of my kids had an adjustment phase where there were many tears shed when starting. Their teachers assured me that the tears went away within the first 5 minutes of class and encouraged me to make surprise visits to see my children through the windows. Sure enough, my kids were always smiling and having fun with their peers. Golden Pond is the next best thing to a family member taking care of your child. Academics wise, they challenge the children to learn even the biggest of words in their curriculum. Perhaps I underestimated the ability of a preschooler. A highlight of each year is the Spring Sing, where the school puts on a very organized singing performance, with great music and scenery. The teacher’s really do love each of their students, and as each child flies up to the next level, their teachers continue to express interest in their progress. My son is entering 4th grade next year, and the teachers still ask about him. There is a real sense of community within Golden Pond. My kids love running into their teachers around town. Bonus: LOVE the carline, especially because this gives the kids exposure to other teachers/staff members.