Melissa F., GPS Parent and Educator

As a former teacher, I recognize how important it is for a teacher to see each child as an individual learner with different strengths and challenges. I love how GPS tunes in to each child and makes their learning experience rewarding and relevant to them. It allowed our daughter to grow in her own love of learning and gave her such pride in her accomplishments … I immediately loved how GPS approached learning new things from so many different perspectives. A child learns faster and retains information longer if they experience it, rather than just hear it. Golden Pond takes this to new levels. Learning is hands on. They build, experiment, touch, taste and create. Our daughter still points out levers and pulleys and inclined planes from when she got to build them and test them out 3 years ago! She has carried this over to Elementary School and has an academic confidence that came from being given the opportunity to learn on so many different levels.