Jessica D., GPS Parent

There is truly no place like Golden Pond. We have tried several places and have finally found a home in GPS. We have a 2 yr old and a Kindergartner this year. Both are thriving and we are so incredibly pleased with how all the staff continually strive to provide our children an incredibly safe a loving environment during this challenging time.

Our daughter is loving every day in Kindergarten. The teachers are incredibly creative and continually make learning so much fun for the kids. This year they have had a Simple Machine Expo to showcase pulleys, levers, etc. My daughter came home daily chatting about each new machine she learned, and now they have built “The Mayflower” and are learning about pilgrims in such a unique way. Amazing!

My son LOVES being a Monkey! I came home from the gym one morning to him fully dressed, breakfast had been eaten and cleaned up, and he was sitting there putting his shoes on. He saw me, ran to grab his backpack, and then looked at me and said, “Ready Go Golden Pond!” And he proceeded to cry when I told him he needed to take his shoes off because we had over an hour before we had to leave for school. It’s a true testament to how much he’s loving the Monkey class! 😁

Don’t hesitate in checking out GPS and joining our amazing community! You won’t regret it.