Janie V., GPS Parent

This is now my family’s 8th year at Golden Pond School and it has taken me awhile to write this review because I cannot think of the right words to explain how much we love this place. I have three kids, two boys and one girl. My kids have pretty much been in all the classes ages three to Kindergarten as well as summer camps. I tried to be as involved a parent as I could be so I was lucky to witness the relationship my kids developed with the teachers each year. Golden Pond has been like a second family to us. My kids have severe nut allergies and another medical condition yet I always knew they were safe and loved. The teachers were great about communicating with parents. I was amazed at how much and how quickly my kids would learn things. I wondered how our family’s last and final year at Golden Pond would be given the pandemic but it was still amazing and the admin and teachers rose to the occasion. Huge thanks especially this past year to my daughter’s wonderful Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Kathy Sestak & Mrs. Kim Eng. I am so grateful my child was able to go to a school in person full time where she felt safe, could have fun learning, develop great memories and stay healthy. Finally, through all eight years, I have had the pleasure to get to know the amazing Señora Aviles (first as my child’s teacher and then as the Spanish teacher) and also the awesome assistant director Mrs. Ingrid Dudley. Thank you both for everything you do! For anybody who is looking for a place where their child will be safe, loved, nurtured and grow both academically and socially, AND a place where parents are welcomed with open arms and communication is a priority, Golden Pond School is the place for you. I will miss this school!