Holly P., GPS Parent and Educator

While searching for a school for my daughter it was extremely important to me to find a learning environment that was as much like the one I sought to provide for the many preschoolers I have taught over the years. I wanted a school that first and foremost saw my child as a unique individual with varied interests and personality traits–and used that knowledge to help her learn and grow in the way that was best for her. I wanted professionals who were informed by developmentally appropriate practice and primarily used a play based learning approach, as children learn so much better through an atmosphere that is fun and engaging with various learning opportunities provided by and amongst their peers. And finally, I wanted a school that put her social emotional development at the forefront, as I believe the preschool years are the most important ones to help our children become the self-aware, kind, independent, and resilient individuals we truly want them to grow to be. I have found Golden Pond to do all this and more in the year we have been at this school. I am continually impressed with the teachers and staff, and my daughter’s excitement while relaying the events of each school day in detail tell me we made the right choice with GPS! We are so happy to be continuing her journey there next year!