Elena M., GPS Parent 

Golden Pond was one of many schools I toured eight years ago while searching for that “perfect” preschool for my first born child. I was so impressed with the wholesome approach of learning thru play. The curriculum looked challenging, but not overwhelming for pre K children, allowing to enjoy the learning process and  mostly importantly – to develop a love for learning. My child utterly enjoyed the school all the way thru kindergarten.  So, the Golden Pond was the only choice for us when my second child was ready to enter the pre-k. The pandemic made us agonize over our decision to enroll our third child to the preschool during these times of uncertainties. Golden Pond School’s staff helped make our decision easier. They explained the necessary changes in the school’s policies that still didn’t effect the quality of the education. Although my 3 year old missed the beginning of the school year, his teacher made the transition seem effortless for all of us: no tears at the drop off and a happy child at the pick up times. As a parent of three, I highly recommend Golden Pond School,  and I am very happy to see my little one confidently walking to school expecting a fun day of learning.