Beth L., GPS Parent

On the eve of her junior kindergarten graduation, my daughter jumped at the chance to read one of her Dear Dragon library books to her baby sister at bedtime. This was a child who had to be coaxed to read “the” and “a” during her own bedtime stories earlier in the school year. She also would get upset and frustrated because she “didn’t know how to read…not like [her sister].” The confidence she gained to sound out words and write invented spelling is because of her teachers’ daily commitment and dedication.

My daughter LOVED her teachers and Golden Pond. She has told me repeatedly that she does not want to go with me to our school when she starts Kindergarten. This is the same child who was distraught when her previous preschool closed over the 2018 summer. We were a family thrown for a loop and scrambling to find a place for our child in her final preschool year (of all the years!!) Yet, we found a home for her and eventually her little sister to start their educational journey. The love and heart of each staff member sealed the deal for all of us.