Amy B., GPS Parent

We toured several area preschools when we moved to Ashburn — many of them quite impressive — but as soon as we finished our tour of Golden Pond, I knew we had found the right place! I have two kids at Golden Pond School and between them we’ve had 3 years of preschool and one year of junior kindergarten as well as after school extended care. Every class and every single teacher has been amazing! The administrative staff and specialty teachers are incredible as well — creating a warm and joyful environment everyday. Their curriculum is so rich and engaging — my children are constantly coming home and telling me interesting facts that I didn’t even know myself (much less expect a pre-schooler to know!). They immerse the children in play-based learning and keep them engaged with a hands-on approach. The teachers strike the perfect balance of being caring and supportive while also fostering independence. They treat each child as an individual, adapting to various needs and personalities. I can’t imagine sending my kids anywhere else. My only regret is that once my son finishes kindergarten at GPS this upcoming year, he will be at the end of his Golden Pond journey!