Laura Reger

Laura Reger

Assistant Teacher, Kindergarten

Teacher at GPS since 2010

16 Years of Teaching Experience

Previously, Mrs. Reger taught in both private and public schools in Cabell County, WV and Loudoun County, VA, including middle school mathematics, high school theater and communication. She found her passion for early childhood education when she saw the difference she could make in the lives of her students.

“I was immediately hooked by The Golden Pond Way! The concept of using specific brain-based strategies to create a curriculum that was loaded with so many educational goals AND be both captivating and fun was something I had never seen before. Golden Pond doesn’t just prepare children for the next grade, it enhances their ability to be successful throughout their lives.”

Master of Science

  • Major: Communication Studies
  • West Virginia University, WV

Bachelor of Arts

  • Major: Communication Studies (5-12 grade), Middle School Math and English
  • Marshall University, WV