The Art Show

What a dazzling night of beautiful artwork! Mrs. LaBillois, our talented Art Specialist, transformed GPS into an Art museum this March showcasing the students masterpieces.

Each student contributed at least 2 pieces of artwork to our gallery! Children created people statues, drawings of what imagination looks like, sculptures, self portraits and more! Art masters inspired works including Matisse inspired paper cut-outs, Van Gogh inspired Starry Night Cats and Jackson Pollack inspired splatter paintings.

Two interactive classrooms kept the event buzzing with excitement. Children created their own dot art inspired by Yayo Kusama, an exciting contemporary artist. The other classroom was filled with art projects and sensory exhibits.

“The buzz when families walk into the Art Show is energizing! The children are very proud of their artwork and I love sharing this joy with the GPS families.” Maggie LaBillois, GPS Art Specialist