Thanksgiving at GPS!

GPS Junior Kindergarten and Fours students had an exciting adventure this month when they were warmly welcomed by our two Kindergarten classes to explore and learn about the Pilgrims!  Both lofts were magically transformed into “The Mayflower”, giving our young students the opportunity to take a pretend voyage.  Home-made butter was created while dancing to the Butter Boogie.  Their enthusiasm continued as they learned to speak some Pilgrim language – “What cheer?” (Hi, how are you?) and “Huzzah!” (Congratulations!).

The children loved being with our older students and seeing what Kindergarten is really like.  Remarks such as “That loft was cool!” and “My hand is tired from shaking that butter” were heard in the hallway after this delightful in-house field trip!

Golden Pond School programs celebrated Thanksgiving in their classrooms – an annual Feast for students and their families.  Our motto is ‘the more the merrier’ and that certainly was the case with our Feasts.  Tables were not only laden with Thanksgiving fare but also many foods celebrating classmates’ unique traditions.  There is nothing better than sharing food, laughter and music with family and friends at these annual feasts.

We are thankful for all of our GPS families and wish you a safe and happy holiday.