Thanksgiving at GPS!

Thanksgiving at GPS is always a special time! We have a lot to be thankful for and each classroom was overflowing with thanks and love. Preschool Feasts are filled with traditional foods like turkey and mashed potatoes, plus families are encouraged to bring in their favorite holidays dishes to share with friends. Songs, games and activities made the whole day one to remember.

Kindergarten students had the BEST time at their annual Pilgrim Gathering celebration. Students churned butter, wrote with quill pens, dyed fabrics, played historic games and took on the names of the Mayflower children. The loft was converted into the Mayflower and students learned above the lives of children during this time including their chores and clothing.

We are very thankful for our GPS Families, Parent Group, Teachers and Administration. Golden Pond School continues to be a leader in early childhood education with a strong community because of all of your hard work, dedication and love. Thank YOU!