Teacher of the Year

Golden Pond School Teacher of the Year👏 A new GPS tradition has started and we are thrilled to announce our congratulations to Ms. Michelle Horton, the Golden Pond School Teacher of the Year! Ms. Horton is the Lead Teacher in Room 3 for the Bees & Kangaroos classrooms and was chosen by our staff to represent GPS. The congratulations continue as Ms. Horton was selected as the Cadence Education second-tier winner for the Northeast Region out of 72+ schools. The Teacher of the Year standards are high, and the teacher must meet specific criteria for this recognition. Ms. Horton always goes above and beyond with her students and her coworkers. She is hardworking, humble and leads by example with her heart and creativity. With 18+ years of experience we were lucky she joined the GPS team 5 years ago and her dedication to early childhood education and development is admirable. We know just how special Ms. Horton is and we are so excited that everyone else now knows it too!