New Research Highlights Golden Pond Philosophy

IMG_1484_edited-1Today’s Washington Post article, Kindergarteners’ Social Skills May Predict Success reveals that the social-emotional skills learned by young children have been linked as powerful predictors for success later in life. Social interactions are woven into the daily structure of the curriculum at Golden Pond School providing ample opportunities for children to master these important life skills.
Kathie Burrell, owner of Golden Pond School and creator of the Golden Pond Way says “Elements of teamwork and collaboration have always been embedded in the curriculum of every program at Golden Pond. This is an important piece of the center based approach that is Golden Pond Way”.
It is never too early to start mastering social skills! This study, published in the American Journal of Public Health and highlighted in the July 17th Washington Post, followed 800 children for two decades and found that those kindergarteners who scored “well” on social competence were four times more likely to have a college degree and/or a full—time job by age 25. Read the complete article here.