New Parent Survey Results

It is our privilege to partner with our parents and teachers to provide a high quality, brain based education for our students. We recently surveyed parents who are new to GPS to gauge their level of satisfaction with our enrollment process and our programs. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to all parents who completed the survey! We always welcome input from our parents – it is the best way to gauge the things we are doing well and also to pinpoint areas where we can improve. A sampling of parent responses from the survey are shared below.

When asked why parents chose GPS we received the following comments:

  • Top notch teachers, curriculum, resource rich environment, safe environment, infuse learning and fun.
  • By far, GPS had superior curriculum and approach to learning. Based on the materials I was given, I was assured GPS developed their curriculum around play-based learning appropriate for my 4-year old. Everyone I met at GPS was lovely, warm and welcoming and that was important as well!
  • The structure and organization of the school made us feel very comfortable. Environment seemed like a true school, not a daycare. Curriculum was age appropriate and seemed to be taught in a way that would engage a child.

When asked if parents would recommend GPS to a friend we received the following comments:

  • My daughter is learning so much. She is telling stories, counting her numbers in Spanish, doing math. I am amazed as to how much she has progressed in a month.
  • We are very impressed with the overall feeling of family and excitement of staff for the upcoming year. The school’s focus on providing a smooth transition for my 2 1/2 yr old has impressed me and seems like a good indicator of the care the school will give throughout the year!

Regarding what parents like best about GPS so far:

  • Everyone is warm and friendly and you can tell that it is a special place where the kids are learning in a nurturing environment.
  • I love that my daughter comes home talking about it daily. She loves it! I also like the structure and the diverse learning environment. Spanish 2 days/week is fabulous!

Golden Pond welcomes feedback from our families throughout the school year. We take notice of the areas where improvement is desired, and advance in areas indicated as meaningful and highly valued. Stop by Mrs. Moriarty’s office any time to offer comments and suggestions, or just to say “Hi”. At Golden Pond we value relationships and look forward to getting to know you better.