Home Visits

Golden Pond has a unique way of introducing families to their child’s teacher. We refer to this pivotal experience as a home visit. Every preschool and full day Kindergarten student has the opportunity to meet their teacher individually in the student’s home about a week before school starts.

Home visits allow children and teachers to get to know each other and start building their personal relationship in a comfortable environment. We want children to feel welcome and happy in the classroom from day #1. Home visits get the school year off on the right foot, enabling children to settle into classroom routines so they can quickly dive into the exciting curriculum immediately.

Each home visit gives the teacher a little peek into the child’s world and vice versa. Mrs. Culfogienis brought beans from her garden to her new Bee friends; Mrs. Manthe enjoyed singing songs with her Bunny friends; Mrs. Robison facilitated a play date between a returning friend and a friend who will be new to Golden Pond this year. Oftentimes these visits take an unexpected turn. Mrs. Greenberg recently found herself playing soccer, and climbing in a play nook under the stairs and Mrs. Nestor played basketball and was invited to see a family treasure – the “king’s chair”!

Thank you Golden Pond families for opening your homes to our teachers. It is just the beginning of the great adventures that await…