GPS Kindergartners go to D.C.!

Our Kindergartners don’t just learn about Washington D.C. – they experience it! The excitement is palpable as the charter bus crosses the Potomac and the children spot the monuments. There is nothing like visiting our nation’s capital city with our friends, parents and teachers. The highlight of this December day is always the private tour of the Capital Building which is a treasured memory for our Kindergarten families.

The monthly theme, Washington D.C., is creatively brought to life in the Kindergarten classrooms through centers and activities. Skip counting is especially fun when it is a photo puzzle of a monument. Fine Motor Skills and Reading are enforced with letter clothespins for completing sentences about The White House. Finding related words on Legos in a sensory bin to create sentences about the trip is an especially active way to teach language. And using a pulley system to find coins and identify images is always a favorite!

The Golden Pond School Kindergarten curriculum has been designed to encompass all the conventional skills of literacy and math plus the increasingly essential skills of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving. We ensure small class sizes combined with an assistant teacher to allow for individualized and specialized instruction. This program comes with the expectations of greater learning, higher test scores, and confident students. Our experience confirms that GPS Kindergarten students enter First Grade with a love of learning and a thirst for more knowledge!

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