Golden Pond School – GamesParents often ask us what activities they can do at home to compliment the skills their children are learning at Golden Pond School. Playing games is a wonderful way to spend time together and games have excellent learning opportunities. You are helping your child become more self-confident, strengthen executive functioning skills and how to enjoy playing with others.

Check our our GPS teacher-approved games for your next Family Game Night!


  • Skills: Fine Motor Skills, Colors, Counting, Shapes
  • Game Suggestions:
    • Thinkfun Roll
    • Play, Move and Groove
  • No purchase required:
    • Numbers Laundry Sort (find 2 items then toss in the basket)
    • Color Scavenger Hunt (find an item in your house of each color)


  • Skills: Three Step Directions, Focus
  • Game Suggestions:
    • Sneaky Snacky Squirrel
    • Tell Me a Story
    • Spot It Jr.
    • Kids On Stage
  • No purchase required!:
    • Follow the Leader (2 Hand Claps, 3 Shoulder Shrugs, 1 Eye Blink)
    • What’s Missing? (arrange 4-6 objects on a tray, cover eyes, take one away, ask What’s Missing?!)


  • Skills: Executive Functioning, Flexibility of Mind
  • Game Suggestions:
    • Zingo
    • Zingo 1-2-3
    • The Ladybug Game
    • Hiss
    • Memory
  • No purchase required:
    • Red Light, Green Light (switch the meaning of Red to Go and Green to Stop to keep the game challenging)
    • Tic-Tac-Toe
    • Create your own Scavenger Hunt

AGE 5:

  • Skills: Problem Solving, Extending the length of an activity with continued success.
  • Game Suggestions:
    • Jenga
    • Kerplunk
    • Sequence
    • Qwirkle
    • Rat a Tat Cat
    • Zip Zap
  • No purchase required: 
    • Number Obstacle Course – Use yarn and secure to chairs to create a “laser effect” obstacle course. Clip number cards on the strings. Find matching numbers, find specific number bonds like all of the ways to make 9 or come up with your own math obstacle fun!
    • Grocery Store Memory – “I went to the store and bought…” Each person names something beginning with the next letter of the alphabet while also remembering all of the items said before.