Butterfly Launch 2015

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Golden Pond School played host to a kaleidoscope of butterflies this month!

The Explorers and 4 year old theme was gardening, worms and butterflies. As you can imagine, the children really engage in the curriculum when we go outside and plant in the garden together, put worms in dirt in the sensory tables and explore caterpillars. The classrooms enjoyed jars of caterpillars to bring these lessons to life. Did you know that a caterpillar’s primary activity is eating? They have a voracious appetite and eat almost constantly. As the caterpillar continues to eat, its body grows considerably, much like a preschooler! The children were fascinated to watch the caterpillars form chrysalises and placed them in the enormous butterfly net in the school lobby. Within just a few days the butterflies emerged. The children had fun watching them fly and when watched carefully, they saw the butterflies reach out their proboscis to drink the nectar from the flowering plants and orange slices that were placed in the net. For more fun facts about butterflies, just ask a Golden Pond Explorer or 4 year old.

Today the entire school was invited outside for the annual butterfly launch. What a beautiful send off! Fun with hands-on learning…that’s the Golden Pond Way!