Amazing Athletes

Golden Pond School is dedicated to teaching the whole child, including physical education. Exercise helps a child’s developing brain by stimulating brain growth and boosting cognitive performance helping children focus and retain information.

To support our growing students GPS is excited to announce a new partnership with Amazing Athletes! Coaches will be teaching the basic fundamentals and mechanics of 9 different sports including Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse and Tennis. Classes work on building self-confidence, practicing teamwork and improving key areas of motor development. Balancing, running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking and target bowling are incorporated into a non-competitive, learning-based environment.

The class starts with a Warm Up of stretching and an Obstacle Course. Then the class focuses on two different sports each session providing skill practice and motor activities along with lessons on nutrition and fitness.

Amazing Athletes 6 week classes will be available this Fall for students ages 3-8. For more information and to register please contact Ingrid at