15 Ideas for Summer Days

  1. news1Make something in the kitchen involving the use of measuring cups.
  2. After a rainstorm go outside and find things for every color of the rainbow.
  3. Go outside and find things for the sense of touch, things that are smooth, rough, prickly, sharp, hard, soft, dry or wet. Make a log of your discoveries!
  4. My Picture Story: Have your child draw a picture and then tell you about it. Write your child’s story on the back and then read it to them.
  5. Measure items in your house by the length of your finger, hand and arm. Make a chart.  Then try measuring using a ruler.  Compare the results! 
  6. Write a letter or thank you note to someone special.
  7. Make a scrapbook of your summer adventures
  8. Go on a nature hike, collect things and put them in a picture.
  9. Pretend you are a giant.
  10. Make a list of everything you can find that is yellow! Next try your favorite color!
  11. Hunt for rocks –  See if you can find 10 unusual rocks.
  12. The “What’s Missing?” game: Find 4-6 objects and arrange them on a tray. Have someone look at them for 5 seconds and then cover their eyes while you take one of the items away. Can they guess what is missing?
  13. Have a paper airplane contest; who can make a paper airplane that flies the furthest?
  14. The “Direction Game” Have someone tell you three directions and see if you can do them correctly and in the right order. Example: Clap your hands 5 times. Look out the window. Come back to the kitchen.

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