Kindergarten Enrichment

Golden Pond’s Kindergarten Enrichment Program is a half day program designed to build upon the education your child receives during his or her public school Kindergarten class. We pick up your child after morning public school kindergarten and take them to Golden Pond. The Kindergarten Enrichment day starts with outside activities (weather permitting) followed by lunch.

After lunch, we begin an academically-based program that is truly unique. We follow monthly themes using an integrated curricular approach that incorporates center-based teaching techniques. The activities developed for this program are creative, hands-on and interactive. Our curriculum highlights reading and math activities as well as social studies and science, all taught in an experiential learning environment. We also incorporate art, music and Spanish. Additionally, the children have opportunities to explore Kindergarten Enrichment themes through educational field trips such as a visit to the Capitol Building in Washington DC and a tadpole hunt at Rust Sanctuary.

At Golden Pond School, we value the close ties between children and their families. The strong reciprocal relationship that develops between our families and the school is extremely important. Research indicates that parental participation in education helps to promote school success. With this in mind, Golden Pond has constructed a carefully planned school year that provides multiple opportunities for parental involvement and participation. For example, parents are invited to attend the Simple Machine Expo, the Pow-wow, the Fairy Tale Tea, birthday events as well as casually drop into the classroom.